published on 7 April 2022

Business France and Sport dans la Ville sign a partnership to promote diversity in V.I.E. schemes


Christophe Monnier, Director of the V.I.E (Volontariat International en Entreprise) program at Business France and Philippe Oddou, CEO of Sport dans la Ville, have signed a partnership aimed at facilitating the recruitment of young people from the Low Income Urban Neighbourhoods on V.I.E.


This partnership will combine the expertise of Business France, in charge of managing the V.I.E. scheme, and the support for young people provided by Sport dans la Ville, in particular through the Young Talents program dedicated to young people aged 18 to 25 from the disadvantaged neighbourhoods of the City Policy.

This rapprochement between the two organisations will help to facilitate access to international experience for young people from the low-income neighborhoods by setting up activities such as: English courses, preparing young people to apply for jobs, helping them with administrative procedures, putting them in touch with recruiters, etc.

This year, among the 200 young people registered in the Young Talents program, the objective is to enable 25 of them to obtain a V.I.E. assignment.

"Because openness to the world transforms lives and career paths, we have created this program to enable young people to improve their English skills, to have access to stays abroad and thus increase their chances of obtaining an internship, a V.I.E. position or a job outside France," emphasises Philippe Oddou, Managing Director of Sport dans la Ville.

By 2024, Sport dans la Ville aims to support more than 1,000 young people through this Young Talents program.


Christophe Monnier, Director of the V.I.E program, said: "Enabling all young people to access the V.I.E programme is a priority for Business France. With this partnership, we want to facilitate access to this scheme for young people from the low-income neighborhoods: the V.I.E is a real career springboard with 92% of young people in employment at the end of this experience, and the prospect of a great international career.


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