published on October 3, 2016

Entrepreneurs dans la Ville celebrates 10 years

Created in 2007, in partnership with emlyon business school, the business creation assistance program, Entrepreneurs dans la Ville, celebrates its tenth anniversary. On the occasion of this anniversary, entrepreneurs and partners came together to celebrate successes and project themselves into the future.

[icon name="angle-double-left" class= " " " unprefixed_class= " "] Entrepreneurs dans la Ville, it is a model that combines entrepreneurial know-how and soft skills, and that allows you to succeed! It is a real school of entrepreneurship. [icon name="angle-double-right " class= " " unprefixed_class= " "]
Mehdi Zamali, Class of 2007

It is with these words that Mehdi Zamali, founder of Punch'In, describes Entrepreneurs dans la Ville on the occasion of the program's tenth anniversary ceremony, which brought together entrepreneurs and partners at Groupama Rhône-Alpes Auvergne. In the presence of its Honorary Sponsor, the Chairman of Sarenza, Stéphane Treppoz, the class of 2016 officially graduated. Three of them received a prize, an encouraging boost to their entrepreneurial approach:

  • 1st prize for the Best Business Plan awarded to Romain Ragusa, La Source
  • 2nd prize Coup de Coeur awarded to Mohamed Gassama, Facinated
  • 3rd prize Coup de Pouce awarded to Sabine Pique, L'atelier Pique


Stéphane Treppoz took the questions and testified about his entrepreneurial experience, distilling advice and personal anecdotes. Entrepreneurs remember the importance of learning from their mistakes and of surrounding themselves with a team of people with complementary profiles.

The program's anniversary was an opportunity to draw up a positive and encouraging balance sheet for the project leaders. In 10 years, the programme has achieved the following successes:
[icon name="rocket " class= " " unprefixed_class= " "] 195 projects supported
[icon name="rocket" class= " " " unprefixed_class= " "] 100 companies created
[icon name="rocket" class= " " " unprefixed_class= " "] 40% female entrepreneurs
[icon name="rocket" class= " " " unprefixed_class= " "] 96% of participants would recommend the program to someone they know

This is an opportunity to congratulate two particularly deserving entrepreneurs, Mehdi Zamali (class of 2007) founder of Punch'In and Soraya Cherifi (class of 2009), creator of Facilia Assurance, who succeeded thanks to their work and perseverance. They testify to the importance of the program in their entrepreneurial career:

Entrepreneurs dans la Ville is a real opportunity for all motivated and ambitious creators, allowing young people far from the entrepreneurial world to go towards business creation and success.

A beautiful evening, under the sign of sharing, which augurs for future entrepreneurs new projects and many successes to come!

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