published on March 25, 2020

Fill up on cultural activities

With the operation " Culture at nous ", museums and shows are within easy reach During this very special period of confinement, every Wednesday we offer you a selection of activities and cultural content to give you a breath of fresh air and culture at home.

*Togo to the museum without leaving your house*

For fun activities to share with the family, check out the City of Sciences. There is a lot of content to browse.

*Forscreen-free containment*
Lots of ideas to pick up from the instagram account @coronaminus_kid or from the site
We also like the stories to listen to and the @etvoilapodcastthat gives children a voice.
For teenagers, we direct them to YouTube channels that are worthwhile such as Hugo Decrypte or Dr. Nozman to dig into his taste for science.

*Forhelp with home schooling*
From primary to high school, revise the curriculum in audio version from primary to high school with France culture.

France TV also allows you to link to the school curriculum through a selection of programs.

For other needs or questions, the Ministry of Education answers you here.

In short, have fun, share good times and most importantly, stay home.

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