published on 8 November 2021

The call for applications Entrepreneurs dans la Ville 2022 is open!

"If you don't see yourself doing anything else than entrepreneurship, if you feel that you have the capacity and if you see your life as an entrepreneurial project, if you breathe entrepreneurial project, come! Join us! It's a programme that seeks out the best experts, that brings you into contact with excellent educational partners! It's an incredible atmosphere, a great family, and all these little ingredients are the key to success when you want to set up your own project " Florence Patsouris, Director of the Entrepreneur in the City programme.


Created by Sport dans la Ville in partnership with emlyon business school, Entrepreneurs dans la Ville is a programme that reveals the entrepreneurial talents of young people from working-class neighbourhoods in the city.

Since 2007, the programme has been committed to leading as many young people as possible to entrepreneurial success by offering a quality programme entirely free of charge to all those who want to create their own path.



By joiningEntrepreneurs dans la Ville 2022, 160 entrepreneurs will have the chance tobenefit from
- The STARTER programme, an intensive and collective course for 6 months to develop their entrepreneurial fundamentals, explore their market, challenge their project and build their business plan.

- Then the INCUBATION programme programme, spread over 18 months, which provides individual support, participation in thematic workshops and access to a workspace.



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