A committed team

at the service of the association's young people



Sport dans la Ville was created by Nicolas Eschermann and Philippe Oddou in 1998.
During their studies at emlyon business school, Nicolas and Philippe thought about the creation of a social project for young people in difficulty.
It is through a first voluntary experience within the association "Fête le Mur", that the idea of founding Sport dans la Ville was born. The aim was to promote the professional integration of young people by offering team sports sessions in the heart of the neighbourhoods.
The development of Sport dans la Ville was then done through a strong entrepreneurial model, putting the company's tools at the service of the cause, and thus guaranteeing an impact for the young people supported by the Association.

And because in every story,
there are key dates...

Creation of Sport in the City

in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region

Opening of the first 3 sports centres

Basketball courts in Vaulx-en-Velin, Lyon la Duchère and Givors

Creation of the Campus Sport dans la Ville

in Lyon Vaise

Program creation

Jobs in the City and Entrepreneurs in the City

Program creation

L in the City and Apprenti'bus

Essaimage de Sport dans la Ville en Ile-de-France (Sport in the City in Ile-de-France)

with a 1st sports centre in Sarcelles-Rosiers

Essaimage de Sport dans la Ville en Hauts-de-France (Sports in the City in Hauts-de-France)

and opening of the 1st sports centre in Roubaix

Launch of the "Pari 2024" development plan

Integration into the impact and legacy project of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games and opening of the Association's 40th sports centre.

Opening of the 1st sports centre in the SOUTH region

and spin-off of the Entrepreneurs in the City programme in 3 metropolises: Lille, Saint-Etienne, Marseille.

key roles within the Association

Sports Educator


Its role: to promote the personal development of young people by guaranteeing the educational framework provided by Sport in the City, helping each young person to find his or her place in the group, creating a climate that allows each person to gain confidence and working on the behaviour of young people.

Integration Manager


Its role: it intervenes both on the sporting dynamics of the City Sport Centres and on the issues of professional integration. Is federates the young people of the Association around the different programmes and ensures the link with families and local actors.

Program Manager


Its role: To steer and develop the Sport in the City programmes both in pedagogical engineering and in strategic orientations. Our programme managers ensure the coordination of the operational teams.

MEET OUR two founders

Sport dans la Ville was born from a meeting between Nicolas Eschermann and Philippe Oddou on the benches of the emlyon business school.


Nicolas Eschermann
President and Co-founder
Philippe Oddou
Managing Director and Co-founder

our 14-member Board of Directors


Nicolas Eschermann - Co-founder and Chairman - Member of the Executive Committee, Siparex - Michel Coster - Secretary General - Lawyer, Professor emlyon business school - Dominique Chalopin - Treasurer - Company Director - Abdel Belmokadem - Director - Director, Nes & Cité - Patrick Bertrand - Director - Managing Director, Holnest - Eric Bouvier - Director - Managing Director, Strand Cosmetics - Yves-Antoine Carré - Director - Managing Director, PMO - Emmanuel de Courcel - Director - Chairman, Retail int. - François Maire - Director - Corporate Director - Vincent Fauvet - Director - Chairman, Investir & Plus - Jean Oddou - Director - Corporate Director - Catherine Ferrant - Director - Director of Associations -Christophelle Gesler - Director - Co-founder, Fondation France Répit - Antoine Pichot - Director - Executive Officer Société Générale

Our history


A social innovation approach


In order to have an immediate and strong impact on young people, Sport dans la Ville goes out to meet them by setting up and offering its activities in the heart of their neighbourhood.


" Going towards them " is an essential step to create contact and proximity, in order to create, in a second step, a real relationship of trust with each person.


Continuity of action and support over time (from 6 to 25 years) is a decisive element of success. Being able to be at the side of young people throughout their life course as children and adolescents, and being able to support them in their first choices as young adults is a central dimension of Sport in the City's mode of intervention, which has a significant impact on professional integration programmes.


The implementation of outings and "discovery" stays, in order to allow young people to get out of their daily environment, is a lever to arouse the desire among young people: the desire to surpass themselves, the desire to believe in their chances of success, the desire to work.

Help us transform neighbourhood life and restore equality of opportunity.