published on June 23, 2016

The young people of Sport dans la Ville abroad

Every year, particularly deserving young people take off to discover new horizons, live extraordinary experiences and meet other cultures. A look back at two extraordinary international trips.

This year, eight youth from the Job dans la Ville had the opportunity to spend 10 days in London. The objective: to get an internship or a job for the summer. The eight young people, who were strongly committed to the project throughout the year, took intensive English classes, took the TOEIC test and worked hard to organise their stay. Thanks to their investment and their apprenticeship, five of them were awarded a contract in England.
Grace is doing an internship at Dockland Estates UK London and then at Novotel Blackfriairs, Nour-Eddine is joining the IT team at the NHS Hospital in London, Amina will be in the sales department at Club Med London and Stéphanie will be in the nutrition department at Decathlon Croydon London. Congratulations to them!

Stay in England - Comic Book Tour

In April, 12 young people registered at Sport dans la Ville flew to Brazil to meet a new culture and a new country. For more than 10 years, Sport dans la Ville and the Gol de Letra Foundation have been enabling their young people to take part in an exchange program and experience another reality, foreign to their own, during a trip to Brazil or France.

Sofiane, 16 years old, testifies of this extraordinary stay:
I had a lot of preconceptions about language, because I don't speak Brazilian. But very quickly I realized that with exchanges, smiles, gestures and looks, I could make myself understood. With a lot of envy you can break down the language barrier. In travel, the most important language is the language of the heart.

Stay in Brazil

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