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Réussite dans la Ville Program


Réussite dans la Ville, what is it?


Réussite dans la Ville 's mission is to re-establish equality of opportunity by helping young people and families in low-income neighborhoods to succeed at home.

This program was born out of the first containment in 2020. The Covid-19 epidemic has deepened social inequalities. The young people we work with, already in a vulnerable situation before this health crisis, are very affected by school dropout.



3 pedagogical objectives

To meet the goals and needs of young people


Playful learning for the little ones

- Reading project

  • - Training during the vacations


Academic support for young people

- Weekly individual lessons at home

  • - Back-to-school training course
  • - Exam preparation


Support for families

- Group workshops

For who?

For all youth enrolled at Sport dans la Ville from elementary to high school and their parents. Selections for this program are based on several criteria:

Volunteerism: the willingness of youths and parents is essential for a strong involvement and positive results.

Academic level: the selected youths have difficulties that affect their academic performance.

Fairness: the selection of youths is proportional to the attendance in each territory.

Behavior: the young people are selected by their sports educator on the basis of their behavior (assiduity, respect, ...)

Sustainability: young people enrolled in the Success in the City program are given priority in selections to ensure their long-term progress.

By offering support and dedicated educational partnerships, we hope to promote the academic success of the Association's young people!



A program that contributes to the UN's sustainable development goals.


What are the stakes for Réussite dans la Ville?


Through the construction of this program, the Association has set ambitious goals to promote the success of all young people.

To achieve this, the Success in the City program must address 4 major issues:

  • - To give young people a positive and caring image of school.
  • - Reinforce self-confidence and provide work methodology.
  • - To help young people progress in subjects in which they have difficulties.

- Provide support to families in the daily school follow-up.


They talk about it


Anacours teacher


I try to teach them not to give up when faced with a difficulty. They have to take advantage of the fact that I am there for an hour and a half each week to ask me their questions and not hesitate to tell me if they don't understand. My role is to help them and help them regain their self-confidence.


Eleven years old

My teacher is called Florence and she comes to my house on Wednesday afternoons. We do the lessons in the living room. I tell her what I have to do and then we work. She helps me to do my homework and to prepare my assessments, especially in math and French. She often suggests other things about the courses that I didn't understand and that helps me to progress. She also helps me in history and English, and I got a 17 on a lesson we revised together.
The advice she gave me? For the assessments, I have to read my lessons every day to remember them well.

Anis' mother

I would like to thank the whole team of Sport dans la Ville for this great initiative that worked well!

Anis has progressed in some subjects, especially in mathematics. The lessons went very well and Anis, who has a concentration disorder with hyperactivity, was able to stay focused with Lucas, his teacher. The teacher was patient and pedagogical in his explanations and instructions.

I am personally touched by the efforts you make to enable them to develop and succeed through sport and school support, and by your benevolence in helping our children.

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