Opening up to the world

International Stays and Experiences Program

International stays and experiences, what is it?


Because going on holiday, on camp or travelling abroad allows you to open up positively to the world. And because holidays are essential moments to build oneself, Sport dans la Ville has set up holiday stays in France (summer and winter camps) and abroad.

These experiences provide young people with a unique opportunity for discovery, openness and personal growth.


A moment when many Happy Memoriesare created in the memory of each one.


For who?


International stays and experiences are offered to young people enrolled in our programs. They allow us to reward young people who distinguish themselves by the quality of their behaviour (at school, in their neighbourhood and in their family).


Each year, more than 300 young people benefit from these stays.


discovery of the holiday centre
and training


A dream machine in Drôme Provençale

In order to enable as many young people as possible to benefit from a place to live and learn, Sport dans la Ville has embarked on the creation of a holiday and training centre at Poët-Laval (Drôme) where sports, discovery of nature and permaculture, training in the hospitality, entertainment, hotel and restaurant trades and the organisation of international holidays will be at the heart of the activity.



Impact of the program

Because each action carried out must lead to a result, at Sport dans la Ville the impact of the programmes is measured thanks to various studies carried out by independent firms.

By the numbers
young people have gone on holiday or on trips abroad
of the participants are young girls
Sport dans la Ville youth welcomed by 2023

The program in video

Young people are talking about it


13 years old

I wanted to go to summer camp to meet new people, experience a real change and push myself out of my cocoon.


13 years old

In this camp, you explore new territories, nature, mountains... I think it's interesting because maybe we'll only have one opportunity in our lives to be here.


10 years

I saw the pictures of the resort before I left, it made me want to go right away!

Partners stays and international experiences

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Important informationClosure of our Campus and suspension of our sports sessions

Due to new sanitary measures, we inform you that access to our Lyon-Vaise Campus is forbidden and that we are suspending our sports sessions until further notice.

We are doing our utmost to continue the accompaniment of the young people of the Association at a distance.

We hope to see you soon!

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