Head of Discovery and Ambition - Job dans la Ville - CDI - based in Pantin

CDI | Île de France | May 3, 2024



Created in 1998, Sport dans la Ville has become the main association for social integration through sport in France. Sport dans la Ville is a successful example of social entrepreneurship: all of the programs set up by Sport dans la Ville today promote the social and professional integration of 10,000 young people registered with the association. The Association is supported by companies and public partners (Ministries, Regions, Cities).



Reporting to the program's regional coordinator Job dans la ville, you will be responsible for the "Insertion Manager" teams (7 employees) in Ile-de-France, who support
young people from the association's areas of intervention in the "Discovery" and "Ambition" programs Job dans la Ville.


In this role, you will be responsible for :
Management of "Integration Managers" teams
- You will be responsible for recruiting the team of Integration Managers for the Job dans la Ville program, and assisting them in their skills development, in particular by
training plan;
- You will provide day-to-day support and management for the team of Integration Managers, including individual monitoring, leading group meetings and helping each team member to become more autonomous.
You will be responsible for monitoring quantitative and qualitative targets;
- You are responsible for monitoring the quantitative and qualitative targets set for the team of Integration Managers.


Regional program coordination Job dans la Ville
- Working alongside the Business Manager and the LDLV & Pedagogical Manager, you will ensure that the actions carried out for young people are well coordinated and relevant.
Job dans la Ville program;
- You ensure that the needs expressed by the young people supported by the Integration Managers (workshops, visits, work experience) are passed on to the program's
program support teams;
- You are a driving force behind the program, helping to build the program's key events (back-to-school seminars, closing ceremonies, employment events, etc.).


Coordination of local initiatives
- Working alongside the Deputy Regional Director and the regional program coordinator Job dans la Ville, you will ensure :
- Reception conditions for Integration Managers in their respective areas of responsibility (e.g. permanent offices in the vicinity of sports grounds).
- the effectiveness and relevance of the Job dans la Ville actions carried out in the association's areas of intervention (evening events, local initiatives)
- Ensuring coordination between Job dans la Ville and Sport & Pédagogie initiatives in the association's areas of intervention.


As a Sport dans la Ville associate, you'll play an active role in the association's events and performances.


As part of your duties, you will work from Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Saturday, depending on periods and needs. You will be required to travel regularly.

Desired profile

  • - With a minimum of 3/5 years of higher education in Human Resources, Project Management or Education Sciences, you are enthusiastic about contributing to the success of young people.

- Ideally, you will have previous experience of team management and demonstrate leadership skills.

  • - You are rigorous, well-organized and able to anticipate and deal with emergency situations.
    - You ideally hold a driving license.

Practical information

far fa-calendar Start date
July 1, 2024
far fa-alarm-clock Working rhythm
Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Saturday
far fa-map-marker-alt Place of work
14, rue Lesault 93500 Pantin
far fa-file Documents to be provided
CV + covering letter to Corentin Bechu: cbechu@sportdanslaville.com