published on May 19, 2017

A look back at the 13th edition of the But en Or Charity Tournament - Paris

The 13th edition of the "But en Or" charity tournament was held in Clairefontaine on May 14th to raise funds to finance the development of Sport dans la Ville. This year, this event brought together 72 teams from partner companies who met for an emotional soccer tournament. In total, nearly 600 players played on the magnificent lawns of this mythical site!

8h00 Participants gathered for the traditional welcome breakfast. Coffee and orange juice gently woke up the bodies, before starting the collective warm-up... with music of course!

9h00 The tournament began under the timid rays of the Parisian sun. A few balls on the touchline to begin with, but the players quickly regained their automatisms and, above all, their smiles. The 200 fans were then able to revel in the first two and technical gestures, sometimes of great class. 5 matches of 9 minutes to get the best place in his group, and already it was time to go to lunch.

12h30 The teams were able to take a breather. Above all, they avoided the only downpour of the day. A few jokes, three strokes of a fork, a quiz, and we were off to the afternoon games.

14h30 The most intense game has started: the playoffs. The bodies gradually tightened up, and of course the first little injuries appeared. Fortunately, a benevolent team of osteopaths was on hand to massage our champions for a day. During this time, the fans were able to enjoy the various activities in the village: precision shooting, bubble soccer, bouncy castle, etc. On the fields, we started to distinguish the best teams, who shouted with joy at each round passed, but always respected the defeated. The sun held out until the final, which saw a newcomer - Fondation Deloitte - and a team from a regular group - My Best Pro (Vivendi). An entry of the 16 players under the Champion's League anthem, a match that started off as a clash, and in the end, it was the tenacity of the newcomer that made the difference for a large 3-0 victory.

[icon name="trophy " class= " " unprefixed_class= " "] PODIUM [icon name="trophy " class= " " unprefixed_class= " "]

1. Deloitte Foundation
2. My Best Pro
3. Free Infrastructure

17h30 All the participants then gathered one last time for the prize-giving ceremony and the viewing of the retrospective film of the day. One last drink, and that was already the end of this beautiful charity tournament.

A huge thank you to all the players for their participation, to the companies for their support, and to the 70 volunteers who shared their good humour to make this event a success. Special mention to the 10 employees of the Stef, Lacoste, Cartier and AccorHotels groups who found the time to lend us a hand.

Thanks again and see you next year!

All photos of the event will be available soon. 

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