published on January 14, 2019

Sport dans la Ville celebrates its 20th anniversary!

A look back on a year rich in projects and successes for the young people of Sport dans la Ville, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the association.

Looking back on 20 years of Sport dans la Ville

2018 was an exceptional year for Sport dans la Ville , marked by the twentieth anniversary of the association. A look back at the highlights of this anniversary year.

Opening of new sports centres

More than 6,500 young people are registered at Sport dans la Ville, thanks to the opening of 4 new fields in 2018, in Bobigny (93), Chambéry (73), Saint-Etienne (42) and Roubaix (59), bringing to 40 the number of sports centres run free of charge every week by the association.


Development of the Job dans la Ville program

In order to measure the impact of our job placement program, we conducted an impact study with the firm BVA. More than 200 young people who have been enrolled in the Job dans la Ville program for at least two years were interviewed, as well as 300 families. The results were very positive and encourage us to strengthen our actions with young people. Indeed, participation in the program is a real lever in the pursuit of education for young people and has a significant impact on their academic success:

Celebrating 20 years of Sport dans la Ville

Finally, the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Sport dans la Ville brought together young people, their families and the association's partners in two exceptional events in Lyon and Paris:

  • In Lyon, more than 2,500 young people, families and partners took part in an evening show at the Salle 3000. The show retraced the history of Sport dans la Ville through several artistic tableaux. The young people of Sport dans la Ville, who were involved in the creation of the show, played a large part in its success: a musical batucada interlude with the young people who had gone to Brazil, a hip-hop performance by the young girls of L dans la Ville, improvisation by the children of the Apprenti'Bus, testimonials from the mentoring pairs of Job dans la Ville and Entrepreneurs dans la Ville.
  • In Paris, 1,500 partners, young people and families gathered at the Olympia for an evening of music. Hosted by Hervé Mathoux, the celebration of the association's 20th anniversary was an opportunity to showcase the talents of young people: dancers, sports commentators, improvisation, songs... A big thank you to the artists from Universal Music, Sofiane, Thomas Dutronc, Tété, Emilie Deletrez and Gérémy Credeville for their participation.

A huge thank you to all the partners who support us and who have been supporting the 6,500 young people of the association for 20 years!


New projects in perspective

The year 2019 promises to be just as rich in development projects, thanks to the deployment of our :

  1. The opening of five new sports centers in Ile-de-France, Haut-de-France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Région Sud from next September.
  2. The inauguration of theEspace Numérique Job dans la Ville on the Vaise Campus on January 30th. This new digital space has been built as part of the development of our digital program for young people at Job dans la Ville.
  3. The launch in January of a Paris Region promotion for the Entrepreneurs dans la Ville program, in partnership with emlyon business school.
  4. The celebration of the 10th anniversary of the L dans la Ville program, which accompanies the young girls of the association in their personal emancipation and professional integration. This celebration will take place on the occasion of the Women's Soccer World Cup next July, during the international charity tournament that Sport dans la Ville will co-organize with the streetfootballworld network.

The aim of all these projects is to support more and more young people on the path to training and employment, to enable each of them to succeed.

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