published on October 31, 2017

An evening of celebration for the L dans la Ville program!

The first edition of the L dans la Ville ceremony took place on Thursday 26 October 2017 at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Lyon, to reward the most deserving girls in the programme and celebrate their achievements.

For the past nine years, the L dans la Ville program, aimed at the association's young girls, has been supporting them in their personal development and professional integration. The 1,073 girls in the program can take advantage of sports activities, cultural outings, discovery trips or professional meetings dedicated to them.

On Thursday, October 26th, the first edition of the L dans la Ville Ceremony was held to reward the most deserving girls in the program.

Ylhame Kessi, an entrepreneur from the Entrepreneurs dans la Ville program, and Djena Khodja, from the L dans la Ville program, both opened the ceremony. This beautiful evening was conducive to many testimonials: Isabelle Bourgade, Director General of the CIC, spoke about the importance of equality between men and women in the professional world, and Amel Majri, a player with Olympique Lyonnais, recounted her experience on the grounds of Sport dans la Ville, alongside Inès Dahmani, the association's sports educator. The girls of the program also spoke about their experiences, and Pascale Poujol spoke about her experience as a sponsor within the program.


Isabelle Bourgade, Director General of the CIC (left) and Amel Majri, Olympique Lyonnais player (right)

" You have dreams, persevere, believe in yourself
Amel Majri


Pascale Poujol, from Sanofi Pasteur (left) and Catherine Ferrant, Director of Sport dans la Ville (right)

"Our goddaughters bring us a lot, it's important to pass on through sponsorship, it's instructive for the goddaughter, but also for the sponsor.
Pascale Poujol


Hayet ZEGHDOUDI, from the program Entrepreneurs dans la Ville (left) and Marthe MOUKHOURI, from the program L dans la Ville (right)

The ceremony was also the occasion to broadcast for the first time the film "L dans le Slam", about the girls' slam workshop, accompanied by Diata from the association Résonantes and directed by Catherine Cabrol. Catherine Ferrant, who is involved with women and particularly with the association, rewarded six girls from the program for their merit and commitment.
The evening ended with a superb hip-hop performance by the girls from the L en Scène program.



Our thanks go to our partners for their support and involvement in the L dans la Ville program.

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