published on April 26, 2019

Seeing the future with Sport dans la Ville

What are the links between the world of finance, the cosmetics sector and young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods? Sport dans la Ville ! Thanks to the actions carried out with partner companies, the young people of the Sport dans la Ville programs discover professional universes in an unprecedented way.

Science jobs are also for girls!

" I have so many questions that I don't know which one to ask anymore! "says Myriam, who took part in the visit to the Sisley company organised on Tuesday 23rd April in Saint-Ouen l'Aumône.

Like her, 16 other young girls had the chance to discover the facilities and professions of this beautiful French cosmetics house.

Enthusiasm and curiosity were the order of the day for this first action of a journey of discovery of scientific professions dedicated to girls.

Numerous employees were mobilized to present their profession with, in particular, a visit to the Sisley laboratories and the Research and Innovation department in the company of the Director of Research and Development, José Ginestar.

The girls took the opportunity to question him about his background and training, a good opportunity to project themselves into their future studies.

" I was hesitating about my option until the day before I enrolled, but now I'm doing a chemistry degree and I love it! "Yasmine tells one of her classmates who will soon have to make choices about her future career. The company visits also allow the girls to talk to each other and discuss common issues.

In addition to this scientific approach, the group was able to get a global vision of the company with the testimony of the packaging department teams and a visit to the logistics centre where all the parcels are prepared.

" I loved this day, we had the chance to see a lot of things! What I liked best was to know the history of the company and to discover jobs that I didn't know like packaging " Myriam tells us at the end of the visit.

This day was made possible thanks to the Sisley-D'Ornano Foundation, which is committed to the success of young people from the low income neighborhood of the Community's Policy of the State.


From finance to soccer fields, there's only one legwork!

They were more than twenty on the fields of the Aubervilliers Urban soccer, last Thursday, April 18th, on the occasion of a new Foot&Job meeting.

18 young people from Sport dans la Ville and 6 employees of the Rothschild group met for a moment of discovery of the finance professions, an exchange of experiences but also a sporting event with a 5×5 tournament.

" With high standards and hard work, anything is possible," says one of the Rothschild Group's employees. It's a way of motivating and enabling young people to project themselves into a world quite far from their own.

For others, these Foot&Job encounters allow them to accelerate their professional integration as Mohammed, who is looking for a work-study contract for his Master 2, says "it's a good opportunity for me to get advice and make contacts ".

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