published on July 9, 2018

Closing Ceremony for Job dans la Ville in Île-de-France

In Île-de-France, the 2017-2018 season of the Job dans la Ville program was closed with a ceremony bringing together young people, their mentors and partners from Sport dans la Ville.

On Tuesday, July 4, 2018, the awards ceremony for the Job dans la Villein Ile-de-France. On this occasion, the Sport dans la Ville teams had chosen an unexpected professional setting: the2nd floor of the Decathlon store in Saint-Denis.

It is after a year full of meetings and experiences that the young people Job dans la Ville of the class 2017-2018 but also of the previous classes celebrated the end of the program accompanied by their parents, their mentors and some of our partners.

The Job dans la Ville team, and in particular the integration managers, looked back on the important moments and visits of the year and rewarded the most deserving jobseekers of the 2017-2018 promotion in the categories: Best hope, Immersion internship prize and Work-study immersion prize. But the team was also keen to reward the partners who have made it possible to find internships for all our young people for several years, as well as the good cohesion between the young people and their mentors.

The Jobbeurs, who participate in the Im-prove program, a theatrical improvisation and eloquence program launched in 2018, were also honoured at the ceremony and were able to present their show in front of nearly 150 people.

Before the ceremony, 22 young people from Job dans la ville had the chance to visit the Stade de France and take part in some sports activities at Décathlon.


A big thank you to all the young jobbers for their investment, also to all our partners who support this program! See you in September for a new Job dans la Ville season, which promises to be just as intense for young people in Ile-de-France as the previous one!


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