published on May 27, 2019

The first digital philanthropy card launched on Phil Ropy

PARIS, France, May 23, 2019 - Like all new ideas, this one is inspired by the past. It all starts with baseball cards in the 1860s. Baseball cards were the very first collectible cards in history. In the mid-1960s, a whole other century, Hollywood launched the first movie cards, including the James Bond saga. Later Y2K introduced the cult Pokémon cards. Today we are proud to introduce a new member of the family, the Phil Ropy Digital Philanthropy Cards. The digital philanthropy cards are the descendants of a long tradition of collectible cards, and were designed to make our world a better place. Phil Ropy shares between 50% and 95% of the price of the card, depending on the fundraising campaign, with the NGO featured on it. In addition, digital philanthropy cards make the philanthropy experience more visible, as the format is designed for use on social networks.

For the first digital philanthropy card, it was Sport dans la Ville was chosen. A major French association that has been supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds since 1998, through sport and vocational training programs, it was with these words from Nelson Mandela in mind that the collaboration began: " Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It speaks to young people in a language they understand".

The map shows Rachid Ghezzal, a professional soccer player with the Leicester City soccer club and the Algerian national team, who benefited as a child from the programs of Sport dans la Ville. The photo was taken by Jack McGuire. The production of the map took place in December 2018 in London's Bethnal Green South district and in Paris. The map was launched on 23 April 2019 on


The card is available for purchase here. The price is $2.99

The first digital philanthropy card released on Phil Ropy [Press Release] (ENG)


Press contact:

Margaux Kraemer

Communication and PR


Noémie Vincent

Communication Sport dans la Ville


About Sport dans la Ville

Created in 1998, Sport dans la Ville is the main association for integration through sport in France. The association works for the success and access to employment for young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods. All of the programs set up help to promote the social and professional integration of more than 6,500 young people, by actively participating in their progress and personal development.

For more information on Phil Ropy click here.


To view images of the digital philanthropy card Sport dans la Ville:


To see the video explaining the purchasing process:

SOURCE: Getunity Inc.

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