From sport to employment



For 24 years, Sport dans la Ville has been the leading association for integration through sport in France. All the programs set up by Sport dans la Ville, enable the social and professional integration of the 10,000 young people registered with the association, by actively participating in their progress and personal development.


Our method of intervention

An innovative process


To have a strong immediate impact on young people, Sport dans la Ville is reaching out to them by setting up and offering its activities in the heart of their neighborhood.

" Going towards them " is an essential step to create contact and proximity, in order to create a real relationship of trust with each one.


The continuity of action and support over time (from 6 to 25 years) is a determining element of success. Being at the side of young people throughout their life as children and adolescents, and being able to support them in their first choices as young adults constitute a major component of Sport dans la Ville’s curriculum, which has a significant impact on professional integration programs.


The setting up of outings and “discovery” experiences, in order to allow young people to get out of their daily environment, creates leverage to inspire them: the desire to surpass themselves, the desire to believe in their own  chances of success, the desire to work.



Sport dans la Ville intervenes in the heart of underserved areas determined by the French State. In these territories there are many economic and social difficulties. The organization has a decisive presence in these local communities.

sports centers in 4 regions
young people guided since the beginning of the year
registered in the "Job dans la Ville" program access a training or an activity in a company
companies created since 2007

in the professional integration of young people from low-income neighborhoods




Young people are talking about it


16 years old

Sport dans la Ville gave me the keys that allowed me to open the doors that were closed to me. I was guided by committed mentors who knew how to value me, support me and encourage me to persevere. Sport dans la Ville is a promise made to young people that with hard work, rigour and ambition it is possible to succeed!


19 years old

In my life, there is a before and after Job dans la Ville. I now know that doors are open to me, that opportunities are accessible and that one must dare to seize them.

All the leaders of the Organization believe in us and in our abilities. I felt guided through this program.


15 years old

I didn't know anyone at first. Now I have a lot of friends and I'm more open to others. I recommend Sport dans la Ville to a lot of young people because the Organization opens a lot of doors!


12 years old

I played soccer in clubs and often heard comments about my level as "not bad...for a girl". What I like since I've been on the fields of Sport dans la Ville is that I've never heard such a comment. It's really nice!

Gender Equality Index

The Law for a Freedom to Choose One's Professional Future of September 5, 2018 makes equal pay for men and women an obligation of result for companies. In particular, it requires them to calculate their gender equality index every year, in order to assess pay differences. In the form of a score out of 100, this index is made up of four indicators (for companies with an FTE headcount of between 50 and 250 employees), which assess inequalities between women and men in companies: wage gaps, gaps in the distribution of individual pay rises, the proportion of female employees receiving a pay rise on return from maternity leave, and the number of women and men among the ten highest earners.
For the year 2023, the result obtained is 94 points out of 100.

Gender pay indicator
Indicator: Gap in the rate of increase between women and men
Indicator: Percentage of employees receiving a raise within one year of returning from maternity leave
Indicator: Number of employees of the under-represented gender in the 10 highest earners

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