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Program l in the city

L in the city, what's that?


L in the City is a programme that cuts across all Sport in the City programmes. It aims to give young girls the same chances of success by supporting them in their personal development and professional integration.


It arose from the observation that from the age of 12 onwards, young girls were no longer sufficiently present at the Association's sports sessions and that they were in fact under-represented in the Job in the City professional integration programme.


For who?

The L in the City program is aimed at all young girls enrolled in Sport in the City's sports programs or work integration programs.

By offering dedicated activities and supervision, the L dans la Ville teams wish to deconstruct gender stereotypes in the professional world, promote more gender diversity in sports and show the young girls in the programme that Everything is Possible.


Impact of the program

Because each action carried out must lead to a result, at Sport dans la Ville the impact of the programmes is measured thanks to various studies carried out by independent firms.


By the numbers
of girls in the L in the City program are optimistic about their professional future (vs. 61% nationally)
of the girls enrolled believe that the L in the City program has had a positive impact on their vision of the role of women in society
of the girls enrolled think that positions of responsibility are not reserved for men

What is at stake for the city?

Since the launch of the programme in 2009, Sport dans la Ville has succeeded in consolidating its actions with girls. Today, the Association wishes to set itself the objective of promoting equality and co-education in sport and in the world of work.


To do this, the L in the City program must respond to 4 major challenges:

Encouraging the practice of sports by young girls
Encouraging ambition and professional integration
Promoting gender diversity and equality between girls and boys
Participating in the emancipation of young girls

The program in video

They talk about it


16 years old

With Sport in the City, I gained self-confidence. I learned to be ambitious and daring! Today, I am speaking up to defend the place of women and I am fighting for more equality between men and women. I have always found these fights to be fair and with Sport dans la Ville I feel strong enough to carry them.


32 years old

The Sport in the City programs have changed my life, and I say this in measured words. It's an unforgettable experience!

Anne-Laure Matecat

PARIS Social Community Impact Director - Nike


Active children fare better - at school, with their families and in their professional careers - and too many girls are still left out.

Through Made to Play, Nike wants to work towards a world where every child has access to play and sport, especially in the most disadvantaged communities. We are working with partners to make it easier for girls to access sport, everywhere in the world. In Greater Paris, we work in partnership with Sport dans la Ville, supporting the "L dans la Ville" programme. Because we believe that girls can change sport - the world - to make it better!

Morgane Sezalory

Founder of Sézane et Demain

TOMORROW was born out of this desire to give a little of what life offers us every day to children who did not have the same opportunities. I have always been convinced that sport is the ideal lever to promote access to education, culture and the fight for equal opportunities.

Thierry Le Hénaff

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Arkéma

At Arkéma, we are convinced that sport is a powerful vector for integration. It was only natural to support the mission of Sport dans la Ville in the emancipation of young girls. This commitment is reflected in our actions to promote women's football and develop careers for young women in the industry.

Miren Bengoa

General Delegate - Chanel Foundation

To know and act, you have to count and be visible. This is the purpose of our support for the first barometer on the place of young women in sport. Because taking into account the inequalities of access to and practice of sport for boys and girls, and above all combating them, is a crucial issue for building a sustainable and inclusive society.

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