published on April 23, 2018

Objective: summer job in London!

During the school holidays, 11 job seekers went to London for a week, with the ambition to get a job for this summer.

Friday 13 April, big departure for the young people of the UK project and start of a great adventure! Since October, these young people have been following an intensive training every Saturday to improve their English and develop their employability overseas. The 11 young people selected for this project, from Lyon, Grenoble and Saint-Etienne, started a week full of meetings and opportunities. The objective of this stay: to get a job for this summer.

Company visits

To start this week, it's at L'Occitane that the young people from the UK project visited. On the program: discovery of the head office jobs (finance, marketing, HR, digital communication, production) and visit of the new Flag Ship shop on Regent Street. Thanks to L'Occitane, several young people were able to interview for a job this summer!

The next day, the group was welcomed at the Royal Automobile Club by Treïs Partnersa sustainable economy investment fund. The young people discovered a typically English place, where codes and habits are far removed from their daily lives. Thanks to the Treïs Partners staff, each of the young people was able to enjoy a simulated interview in the Club's Saint James lounge.

The following afternoon, it was at the Societe Generale that the young people met for a visit to the traders' platforms and a teambuilding workshop with Société Générale employees. The young people divided into groups to build a tower, in a limited time, including each team member. Finally, they pitched their project in front of all the groups.

Historical partner of the association, Decathlon has also opened its doors to the youth group. Welcomed for a morning, the young people visited the store and took advantage of a training session for group interviews: the opportunity for them to get valuable advice from recruitment specialists in England, as well as concrete advice on how to apply for a job at Deacthlon.


The young people also had the chance to discover the Blackfriars Novotel of the group AccorHotels. On the program: discovery of the hotel and catering professions, discussions with the human resources manager and the hotel director, visit of the rooms. Some young people were also able to submit a CV to apply this summer!

Meeting with Street League

A partner association of Sport dans la Ville in London, Street League supports young people in their social and professional integration. In order to create a link between French and English young people, a mixed meeting time has been organized to allow young people to meet and exchange together.

Thanks to the mobilization of Street League employees, the young people at Sport dans la Ville were able to take part in a half-day of workshops and games based on team building. Made up of young French and English people, the morning allowed each of them to reveal their talents: building a tower, agility, strength, speed, spirit, creating a choreography,... all these workshops allowed everyone to live an extraordinary collective experience!


Sport dans la Ville would like to thank all the companies that opened their doors to the young people of the UK project as well as to the different collaborators who were mobilized on this occasion for the young people!


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