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Service Civique | Lyon | 20 June 2022



Created in 1998, Sport dans la Ville is the main association for integration through sport in France.
All the programmes set up by Sport dans la Ville promote the social and professional integration of the 8,500 young people registered with the association, by actively participating in their progress and personal development.


- Sports programmes:


53 sports grounds located in the heart of sensitive neighbourhoods in Lyon, Grenoble, Saint-Etienne, Chambéry, Marseille, Lille and Paris and 8,500 young people registered.


- Discovery programmes:


Sport dans la Ville has created multi-activity holiday camps which benefit 600 young people each year and an international exchange programme in the United States, India, England and Brazil.


- Success in the City :


Réussite dans la Ville is a programme that aims to help young people at Sport dans la Ville to regain energy and confidence in their school careers. their school career.


- A job placement programme:


To help every young person find their way to employment, Sport dans la Ville has created the " Job dans la Ville ". In 2021, 2,085 young people have been accompanied by the programme!

This programme prepares and facilitates young people's access to qualifications and sustainable employment through individual follow-up over time and concrete actions: visits to companies and training organisations, information and training workshops, follow-up on the structuring and formalisation of a professional project, access to assignments in companies.


- A programme to support business start-ups:



Sport dans la Ville has also created, in partnership with EMLYON, the business creation programme " Entrepreneurs dans la Ville ".


- A dedicated programme for girls:


A support programme called " L dans la Ville " dedicated to 2,380 young girls aged 12 and over, from the neighbourhoods where Sport dans la Ville is located. It aims to support each of them in their personal development and professional integration. The " L dans la Ville " programme is transversal to all the programmes: sports activities, cultural workshops, discovery and travel activities and professional integration programme.


To ensure the smooth running of its centres and activities, Sport dans la Ville currently employs 133 permanent staff and 155 sports educators.
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You participate in supporting the Decisive Pass support pathway.


Description of the programme :

The aim and ambition of this programme :


Job dans la Ville accompanies more than 2,000 young people in France every year, in 4 different regions, in their training and access to employment. Four courses are offered to young people depending on their situation: Discovery (below the baccalaureate), Ambition (post-baccalaureate), Employment (job search), Passe Décisive (young people who have dropped out of school).


The young people are accompanied by an integration officer and take part in collective actions organised throughout the year: orientation workshops, company visits, workshops on work experience/work placement techniques, remobilisation through sport, etc.

The Decisive Pass programme has been developed with the introduction of an intensive coaching format: the Accelerator.

This 12-week training project alternates between sports practice, training workshops, company visits, work placements and trade meetings.


Your main tasks will be :


Supporting the Accelerator's referents to ensure that it runs smoothly and that the young people are involved and mobilised: support for the organisation of group workshops and the running of sports sessions. 

To support the employment and training referent of the programme in the AURA region: support for the organisation of collective workshops in Saint Etienne, Chambéry and Grenoble.


To be the pilot of the traffic code project:

o Participate in the mobilisation of young people,
o Welcome young people to review sessions,
o Follow up on their investment,
o Accompanying young people in their administrative procedures (applying for the


Helping young people to create their CVs


You may be required to support other work-related assignments depending on your interest and skills.


Participate in the highlights of the association's life (sports tournaments, events, etc.)

Desired profile

  • - Strong interpersonal skills, ability to communicate and open-mindedness
  • - Project management and event organisation skills
  • - Initiative, able to develop new opportunities
  • - Good writing skills
  • - Autonomy
  • - Personal commitment and sense of service
  • - Ability to work in a team
  • - An interest in entrepreneurship
  • - Enthusiastic and dynamic

Practical information

Start Date
September 2022
8 months
580,62 euros / month
Place of work
15 quai de la Gare à L'eau, Lyon
Documents to be provided
CV + Cover letter