published on May 5, 2018

Sport dans la Ville flies to Brazil!

Every year, young people from the association have the chance to go to Brazil for a few days for an exceptional stay. This year, they were 15 young people who took off for an unforgettable trip.

To congratulate them for their assiduity but also for their good behaviour on the sports fields, 15 youngsters were given the chance to go and discover Brazil. It was in Rio that they started this wonderful trip.

3 days in Rio

As soon as they arrived, the young people were able to discover the most touristy places in Rio. On the program, discovery of Corcovado, visit of the different museums of the city, and a day at the beach!
During these 3 days, the young people were able to meet the young people from the Gol de Letra Foundation.
For many years, Sport dans la Ville and Gol de Letra have been organizing an exchange program for many young people.
This year again, young people from two organizations were able to meet each other.

Sports at Camp Ranieri

After 3 days in Rio, it was in Camp Ranieri that the young people from Sport dans la Ville and Gol de Letra spent a few days. On the program, many sports activities: soccer, cooperative games, giant slide or zip line, the stay was sporty!

Brazil's final destination: Sao Paulo

Last destination and not least, the young people of the association left for Sao Paulo for 6 days!
The young people became aware of ways of life different from their own during a visit to a favela. On the program of the stay, many tourist visits! The young people were able to visit two schools. After that, they went to the football museum.

Finally, after a bike ride, the young people had the chance to visit the famous Sao Paulo stadium and watch a soccer match. The young athletes were able to take advantage of the stay to train in tennis, soccer or volleyball with the young people of the Gol de Letra Foundation. A compulsory passage to Brazil, the young people were introduced to capuera!

These young people from the association had the chance to live an incredible experience, to discover a country and a new culture. In spite of the language barrier, all of them lived a dream for a few days, and came back from this trip with their heads full of memories.

In the meantime, 11 jobbers were in London !

Sport dans la ville thanks its partners and the Gol de Letra Foundation for this incredible stay!

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