publié le 8 juin 2017

Learning through entrepreneurship x Job dans la Ville : a success story

For the second following year, Job dans la Ville has been offering youth the opportunity to be part of an amazing entrepreneurial adventure, with the support of Entreprendre pour Apprendre.

Learning through entrepreneurship is a program that allows 15 youth to create their own small company, in order to discover its operational functions, the variety of jobs, learn about entrepreneurship and prepare themselves to the professional world.

Ecolife project

This year, the 15 youngsters met 2 hours per week to carry on their project. Heighten awareness to environmental issues, they decided to create Ecolife, service company that offers a dynamic and modern training about sustainable development. They offers advice and  tricks to limit food and energy waste.

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Ecolife training 

From the idea to concrete realization 

As in any company, the youth got their job within Ecolife after professional interviews. Then, they developed fundraising, business model, market analysis, commercial prospection, and so on.

In order to create the video training, they learnt all year long about good practices on water and energy waste, waste sorting, and tips for good deals. In order to learn about production and subcontracting, the youth also conceive totebags with strong message : « Don’t wish for it, work for it »

A collective success !

Thanks to their personal investment within Ecolife, the youth won the Job Initiative Award at the small-business show in Grenoble, on May, 17th. This price allows them to pitch their project at Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants and be part of the national small-business show in Paris, on June the 2nd.


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