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Job dans la Ville Program


Job dans la Ville, what's that?


In the communities where the Organization is engaged, employment is a real challenge.

In these areas, the inhabitants and in particular the young people are affaced with real difficulties of access to training and employment. One in three young people are at a level below the BEP-CAP.

Unequal access to diplomas and training combined with other difficulties (mobility, accommodation, family, etc.) excludes a growing number of young people.


Job dans la Ville was created in 2007, so that every young person can find the path to training and employment.

This free programme enables 2,020 young people to be accompanied by an integration officer throughout the year, both in their professional orientation and in their access to training or employment. than a sponsor This free programme enables 2,020 young people to be accompanied by an integration officer throughout the year, both in their professional orientation and in their access to training or employment.



Job dans la Ville is co-financed by the European Social Fund
within the framework of the National Operational Programme " Employment and Inclusion " 2014-2020

For who?


For all young people, from 14 years old, registered in our sports programs or near our sports centers wishing to reflect on their professional project and discover the range of possibilities.


Through its local action, through its privileged links with community support and corporations, Sport dans la Ville wishes to give the best chances of success to the greatest number of young people in their professional integration path.


How to register for the program?


All young people from the areas where Sport dans la Ville is active can benefit from the programme Job dans la Ville. To do so, they must contact the local Integration Officer or be registered for sports sessions at one of the 51 sports centres of Sport dans la Ville.


For young people who have dropped out of school or are having difficulty integrating into the labour market, it is possible to join a specific " Passe Décisive" course.


Impact of the program


A programme that contributes to the UN's sustainable development goals.



Because every action carried out must lead to a result, at Sport dans la Ville the impact of the programs is measured through various studies conducted by independent firms.

Since 2007
0 years
on average young people in the Job dans la Ville program
of the young people at Job dans la Ville are in training or employment (vs. 64% at the QPV level)
of young people from Job dans la Ville are optimistic about their future (vs. 74% nationally)

The program video



4 curriculums


In order to meet the objectives of the young people we propose four specific courses.




For all young people educated from the 3rd to the 12th grade regardless of their orientation and their age. The goal? Discover the professional world in the broad sense and refine your career choices.




For all young people in higher education, whatever their field or level. The objective? To give themselves every chance of success in their studies and develop their employability.




For all young people looking for work, whatever their level of education. The goal? To find or keep their job through intensive support.


Passe décisive


For all young people who have dropped out of school, who have not completed the high school level of education or are having difficulty integrating. The goal? Motivate through sport either to return to school or to find a job.

Focus on sponsorship 

A human adventure to reveal all potentials !
Sponsorship is :


  2. Tailor-made support for sponsors: monthly follow-up by a dedicated sponsorship team at Sport dans la Ville.
    A relationship of encouragement and support for the young person.
    Friendly moments to get to know each other better: sports, cultural and recreational outings, etc.


Discussions that help the young person to clarify their wishes and the prerequisites for their orientation.
A willingness to listen and to pass on guidance.
A gain in confidence for more ambitious choices.



Decisive meetings for the young person being supported with the sponsors and their networks.
First professional contacts.
Easier integration of young people into the job market.


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Young people talk about it


19 years old

I was hesitating about my option until the day before I registered. Today I'm a chemistry undergraduate and I LOVE it! With Sport dans la Ville, I gained confidence in myself and in my choices.


20 years

This program allowed me to open up to others, to be more comfortable. Before I was shy, now I don't have any relationship problems. Besides, I was able to start building a network.

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Kyril Courboin

President of J.P. Morgan France

Thomas Reynaud

Chief Executive Officer of the Iliad Group

Gilles Pelisson

CEO of TF1

Bruno Cercley

Chairman of the Rossignol Group


Head of Decathlon


CEO of the Auchan Group

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