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Hélène Blondel

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Pascale remy

Head of Global Partnerships

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Press releases
Press release - inauguration of a sports centre in Saint-Chamond
October 2021
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Press release - New sports centre in L'Île-Saint-Denis at the heart of an Olympic area
October 2021
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Press release - Integration through sport in Ris-Orangis with Sport dans la Ville
October 2021
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Press Kit Paris 2024 - Promoting the role of sport as a tool for social impact
24 June 2021
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Habert Dassault Finance creates "Koodenvoi", an investment SAS to support Entrepreneurs dans la Ville
21 June 2021
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Press release - Sport dans la Ville lays the first stone of its holiday and training centre in Le Poët-Laval (26)
11 June 2021
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Press release - Sport dans la Ville wins the call for projects "1 young person, 1 solution: New online service for mentoring
25 May 2020
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Press release - Sport dans la Ville celebrates the young people in the programme Job dans la Ville
01 June 2021
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Press release - Sport dans la Ville, winner of the first #Impact 2024 promotion, launches its actions for young girls in the inner city
05 May 2021
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Press release - Entrepreneurs dans la Ville 2021
March 31, 2021
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Press release - Jogg dans la Ville 2021
March 2021
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Press release - Talk - Girls-Boys: All equal in sport?
March 2021
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McCormick & Company supports the integration through sport of young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods
November 2020
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Press release - Sport dans la ville is part of the "Learning Holidays" programme
JUNE 2020
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Sport dans la Ville is part of the "Vacances Apprenantes" program.
June 2020
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Arkema and Sport dans la Ville renew their partnership
June 2020
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Press release - Sport dans la Ville accelerates its "Entrepreneurs dans la Ville" programme with the support of BPI France
March 2020
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Press contacts
Noémie Vincent

+33 6 30 35 87 45 | nvincent@sportdanslaville.com


+33 6 28 61 29 99 | gppalier@sportdanslaville.com



25 June 2021

Bondy Olympics - playing sport the right way


Paris Match

24 June 2021

"Carrefour to conquer the youth! Back to Alexandre Bompard's visit


16 June 2021

Laying of the foundation stone of the holiday and training centre in the Drôme Provençale


14 June 2021

Alexandre Bompard's visit to the young people of Sport dans la Ville


14 June 2021

"There are still fewer female practitioners in the neighbourhoods than elsewhere in France.
Our Passionate Trades - Episode 1 Philippe Oddou

4 May 2021

Discover the career of Philippe Oddou, co-founder of Sport dans la Ville
In this 1st episode of "Our Passionate Businesses" by Ludovic Hauteville


21 April 2021

Workshops for young people in the QPV with Sport dans la Ville !

World of Grandes Ecoles and Universities

14 April 2021

Entrepreneurs dans la Ville : Launch of new promotions in 5 French cities


14 April 2021

The Lionesses of ASVEL Féminin visit Sport dans la Ville

La Marseilaise

March 18, 2021

A special program for young entrepreneurs in Marseille

La Provence

March 18, 2021

The 2nd promotion starts at Entrepreneurs dans la Ville in Provence


March 11, 2021

"Key players in the development of women's sport gathered to discuss gender equality in sport

Le Parisien

March 3, 2021

"No to a sacrificed generation: More than 150 personalities call to mobilise for the youth".

Handmag - FFHandball

January 2021

A commitment to women
Sport dans la Ville and the French Handball Federation are working together to develop women's sports



Oct. 7, 2020

"Respect for rules, perseverance, team spirit... Many companies see the human skills and values of these young athletes as assets to be exploited.

Le Parisien

Sept. 27, 2020

"The City of Paris and the Games organising committee are unveiling 14 women's sports projects, with €100,000 in funding to promote the use of fields often occupied by men.

20 minutes.

Oct. 12, 2020

 "We try to deconstruct gender stereotypes through workshops and it is certain that football is the most gendered activity," says Delphine Teillard, head of the L dans la ville programme, dedicated to women...

Le Rilliard

Dec. 3, 2020

 "For more than 20 years, the Association Sport dans la Ville has made integration through sport its main focus for young people in priority neighbourhoods. Sport, yes, but not only...".

Les Echos

Dec. 10, 2020

"Formerly the Financière de l'Echiquier Foundation, the new structure has been working throughout the health crisis to manage the emergency and now the reconstruction...